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1651 Castle Rushen invasion
page two – the Castle invasion begins

Parliamentarians arriving in Castletown from Derbyhaven The demand for surrender is rejected

On arrival at Castle Rushen Colonel Duckenfield encircled the walls but before commencing hostilities gave the Royalist Garrison a chance to surrender. The Countess of Derby was still distraught at the news of her husband’s death in England (beheaded in Bolton 15th April 1651), but resolved to fight on. She sent her rejection of the surrender demand – via Mr. Broom, her steward – with contempt!

Col. Duckenfield's troops move into position to attack.
A siege was now to commence. Further troops marched into position for battle into the Speaker’s Garden.
Battle commences
The Castle defenders fire back
Fierce fighting ensued from all around the Castle with a robust response from within – troops haranguing each other almost as loudly as was the gunfire.
A Bible is brought
Another attempt to secure surrender fails
A further attempt was made to obtain a surrender. One of the invading soldiers produced a Bible upon which to swear good faith and Royalists emerged from the Castle, but to no avail. Amid recriminations and accusations of treachery the Royalists retreated within the Castle walls but only to temporary safety.
Illiam Dhone pleads with the Garrison to surender
Dead bodies are everywhere!
Illiam Dhone made an impassioned plea – in Manx – from the Speaker’s Garden to the assembled Royalist troops on the ramparts – urging that they give up the unequal struggle and surrender their arms – thus saving loss of life and further unnecessary bloodshed. Sadly he spoke to deaf ears – the Royalists were determined to fight on, and more dead bodied were added to those killed earlier.

(Peter Shimmin took the part of Illiam Dhone speaking in fluent Manx.)