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1651 Castle Rushen invasion
page three – life within the Castle walls

Life goes on inside the Castle – even during a seige. These pictures depict scenes which might have been during these dark days.
Cooking a chicken stew over an open fire
Fresh bread was baked evry day
Child-minding and cooking went on together. In a military environment – where wives and sweethearts followed their soldier menfolk – cooking was done where ever possible and more often than not in the open air and bread was fresh baked.
This lovely busy lady who managed a smile while preparing food for the soldiers – never stopping, watching over children and making sure all were fed as well as could be managed under the circumstances.
There is even time to smile in the midst of a seige.
Hungry Royalists line up for food
Gulping down a few mouthfulls of food during a lull in the fighting
Even though the Castle and the Royalists were under seige getting food in the belly was all important – strength needed for later that day!
The cobbler takes a break and a swig of ale.
Even in war there would be some semblance of normal life. Here we see a cobbler in his shack pausing for a beer.

Right – a seamstress making and mending from within her shelter.

A sempstress keeps garments in good repair.