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1. All participants must be able to swim a distance of at least 50 yards and be prepared to provide evidence if requested
2. All participants must be over 16 years of age
3. All Tin Baths must be fitted with a marker buoy attached by means of a ten foot line to aid recovery, see footnote (I)
4. Paddles maybe of single or double bladed type but must be hand held and not attached to the Tin Bath, nor exceed 5 feet in length.
5. A Tin Bath
(a) Shall be wholly of metal construction
(b) Shall not exceed 5 feet in length
(c) Shall not exceed 16 inches in height at any point – see footnote (ii)
(d) Shall be single hulled.
(e) Shall have no alteration or addition to the shape of the hull other than that refereed the rules.
(f) Shall be of standard manufacture and not constructed for the specific purpose of racing
6. One outrigger must be attached to each bath, behind the Helmsman, on top of the bath.
7. Outriggers shall be attached to Tin baths by rope of similar bindings and not by bolt, screw, weld, tape or other such permanent fixings
8. An outrigger:
(a) Shall be of wood construction only.
(b) May extend on both sides of the Tin Bath.
(c) Shall not exceed 3 feet in length, 3 inches in width, or 3 inches in depth.
9. Buoyancy floats, not exceeding two per Tin Bath, must be attached to the outrigger or the Tin Bath by friction (container handle wedged over end of outrigger), cord or similar non-permanent means
10. A buoyancy float
(a) Shall not exceed 5 litre capacity
(b) Shall have no dimension exceeding 12 inches
i.e.. Be so proportioned that it could be enclosed within a 12 inch cube, see footnote (iii)
11. The organisers shall not be held responsible for damage to Tin Baths, equipment or injury to participants & property
12. Participants will be allowed to continue after sinking provided they do not receive assistance in any form
13. The winner will be first to finish the course or the one covering the greatest distance
14. Any person guilty of foul play shall be disqualified
15. Participants must produce their Tin Baths for inspection by the scrutiny’s on the date stated in the notices to competitors which will be sent out later
16. The same Tin bath cannot be used for the Men’s and Lady’s race or by different competitors in different heats
17. The team event is for teams of three or four baths with three to count. The teams to be nominated when returning the entry forms and cannot be changed after that date.
18. The organisers decision on all matters shall be final
(I) For safety reasons the line should be attached behind helmsman
(ii) Allowance will be made, at the discretion of the scrutineers, for superstructure in the form of decoration of novelty design provided that such superstructure does not increase buoyancy proportions.
(iii) 5 Litre plastic or metal containers supplied with drinks, oil, detergents, etc. are ideal for this purpose.