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Some scenes from the Races.

The Men’s Races
Heat 1 The turning point
A competitive group in the men’s first heat. The turning point
Holmes Blackburn
Fishy Balloons
Holmes Blackburn trying hard. A very fishy entry.
The Ladies’ Race
Erica Cowen and Debbie Walmsley Helen kelly and Claire Jackson
The eventual first and second place ladies battle for it on the out leg Still fierce competition on the return leg.
Sophie Lawrence
Liz Maskell
Sophie Lawrence Liz Maskell
Snake Races
Snake race start
The start of the race. A happy competitor
Not everybody survives…
That Sinking feeling timne to swim for home
Going going… Gone!
The Rope Slide
Nearly there A bullseye in the rope drop
Nearly there… Got it!
The Bath Races had their own Queen
The Bath Race Queen takes her throne The Queen deposed!