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35th WORLD TIN BATH CHAMPIONSHIP – Saturday 17th June 2006


Final results of the various races are as follows.ย Look here for some pictures of the event.


Gale Cup

Lee Cain
Complete Yacht Solutions
Second: Nick Cain
Complete Yacht Solutions
Third: Alvin Rodgers
The Inn Crowd
Team Prize:
Glenfiddich Trophy
Complete Yacht Solutions Lee, Nick & Steve cain
Ship Inn Cup
Erika Cowen
The Inn Crowd
Second: Hannah King
Eastern Young Farmers
Third: Suzanne Slater
Eastern Young Farmers
Team Prize:

Linda Karran Memorial Cup

Eastern Young Farmers

Hannah King, Louise & Suzanne Slater

First: Alvin Rodgers
The Inn Crowd
Second: David Kelly
Third: Gary Cain
Roland Ratters
Other competitions
Tony Kennaugh Plaque
First to sink:
Tony Ball
Rothman’s Trophy
Best turned out bath:
Peter Maurew
Keith Collister Memorial Trophy
Snake Race – Winner:
Team Peach
Runner-up: Blackadder
Flying Attempt: Peter Wicke

Pictures of the 2006 event