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35th WORLD TIN BATH CHAMPIONSHIP – Saturday 17th June 2006


Final results of the various races are as follows.ย Look here for some pictures of the event.


Gale Cup

Lee Cain
Complete Yacht Solutions
Second: Nick Cain
Complete Yacht Solutions
Third: Alvin Rodgers
The Inn Crowd
Team Prize:
Glenfiddich Trophy
Complete Yacht Solutions Lee, Nick & Steve cain
Ship Inn Cup
Erika Cowen
The Inn Crowd
Second: Hannah King
Eastern Young Farmers
Third: Suzanne Slater
Eastern Young Farmers
Team Prize:

Linda Karran Memorial Cup

Eastern Young Farmers

Hannah King, Louise & Suzanne Slater

First: Alvin Rodgers
The Inn Crowd
Second: David Kelly
Third: Gary Cain
Roland Ratters
Other competitions
Tony Kennaugh Plaque
First to sink:
Tony Ball
Rothman’s Trophy
Best turned out bath:
Peter Maurew
Keith Collister Memorial Trophy
Snake Race – Winner:
Team Peach
Runner-up: Blackadder
Flying Attempt: Peter Wicke

Pictures of the 2006 event

Castletown Ale Drinkers Societyย are a local group dedicated to raising money for charity and enjoying themselves at the same time. Meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month in the Union Hotel, Castletown.

Further details can be obtained from Wendy Kitching, c/o The Union Hotel, Arbory Street, Castletown.