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In July 1998 the Commissioners launched
Castletown 2000 and formed various Committees to organise events to take place during the year 2000.

Mr Mahendra Patel, the current ChairmanWe want the whole community to be involved in the celebration of a new Millennium from the newly born to the oldest person in the town, the business community, the clubs, the schools, and the churches.

I would like to thank all those people who have given of their time to organise the events that are listed in this leaflet and I hope you will enjoy them. Phil Gale and his team will photograph every event to keep a permanent record of the year of future generations to enjoy.

Castletown 2000 is not only about the events and having a little fun but also investing in the Town’s infrastructure and the Capital Schemes which are planned or have been completed by the Commissioners are also listed for your information.

We believe Castletown has a bright future and your Commissioners believe in your Town and we want you to join us in moving into the next Millennium.

Millenium Committee
Millenium Committee

The 2000 Castletown Committees are made up of the following members:

Colin Leather JP. Barbara Anderson.
Vanda Bridson. Rachel Brown.
Tony Brown MHK. John Cole.
Alwyn Collister. David Collister.
Anne Cottier. Mark Cubbon.
Phil Gale. Terry Faraghe.
Dorian Humphries. Fenella Leece.
Peter Long. George Peach.
Mahendra Patel. Pauline Cringle.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of our sponsors who have supported our Programme for the year 2000. Full details of each event will appear in the Local Press.