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The House of Keys (Y Chiare as Feed) is a Branch of the Isle of Man Parliament, which is called Tynwald. Tynwald (Tinvaal) is the oldest continuous Parliament in the World and celebrated its Millennium in 1979. The Isle of Man Parliamentary System is a tripartite system;

Tynwald has two Branches, the House of Keys, which has twenty four popularly elected members, and the Legislative Council (Y Choonceil Slattyssagh) that consists of eight elected members who are elected by the members of the House of Keys and two Crown appointments.

When Tynwald sits the House of Keys and the Legislative Council sit together, presided over by the President of Tynwald who is elected by Tynwald. The Keys and Council normally vote separately in Tynwald.The House of Keys Constituencies, of which there are 15, consist of a mixture of one, two and three seat Constituencies.

Members are elected for a fixed term of five years.Tony Brown MHK (DOB 05/01/50) represents the town of Castletown, which is a single seat Constituency, and he was first elected to represent Castletown in the House of Keys in the General Election held in November 1981 and has represented the town continuously since that date.